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Details of all contracts entered into including name of the contractor, amount of contract and period of completion of contract

Tender No. Item/Nature of Work Mode of Tender Enquiry Date of Publication of NIT Type of Bidding (Single/Two Bid System) Last date of receipt of tenders Nos. Of tenders received Nos. & names of parties qualified after technical evaluation Nos. & names of parties not qualified after technical evaluation Whether Contract
awarded to lowest tender/
Evaluated L1
Contract No. & Date Name of Contractor Value of Contract Scheduled date of completion of Supplies
NHB/ITD/RFP/SAP Request for Proposal for Support of SAP ERP Functional Modules Open Tendering process 7/15/2017 Two Bid System 9/25/2017 3 1. M/s Wipro Limited
2. M/s Tata Consultancy Services
3. M/s JKT Consulting Limited
NA Vendor is L1 on the basis of techno-commercial evaluation NHB/ITD/SAP/12022/2017 dated 04-12-2017 M/s Tata Consultancy Services Rs.2,06,48,784.46 completed