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Applications are invited from reputed INS accredited advertising agencies for empanelment with National Housing Bank. Agencies should be able to execute among other services, multi-media, multi-lingual awareness programmes. The selection of agencies will be based on a two-stage process. First the National Housing Bank will short list the agencies on the basis of their meeting the eligibility criteria. Short-listed agencies will, in the second stage, be required to make a presentation of creative strategy on a given subject for a given budget. The final selection of agencies for empanelment would be done on the basis of creative presentation.

The applications have to be submitted to Deputy General Manager, DRMD, National Housing Bank, Core 5A, 5th floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003.

The last date of submission of the documents is 21/07/2008. The agencies have to submit the earnest money of Rs. 1,00,000/-(Refundable) in the form of demand draft while submitting their proposal. In case the designated day is Saturday/Sunday or is declared as a public holiday, the same may be extended to next working day. The offers must be submitted in covers duly sealed (Red Lakh Seal), failing which the documents would not be accepted. National Housing Bank reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.


Eligibility Criteria:

The following are the eligibility criteria for empanelment of advertising agencies. The advertising agency should have :

  • Full accreditation of Indian Newspaper Society (INS), Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) for press advertisement and Prasar Bharti accreditation for electronic media advertisement
  • Full-fledged office established in New Delhi with state-of-the-art infrastructure and manpower/creative personnel
  • All India reach so as to enable prompt delivery of material for country wide publication and to service all NHB Offices.
  • Resources to handle full-fledged multi-media multi-lingual publicity campaigns
  • Creativity in advertising should be of high standard befitting the expectations of an apex bank.
  • Proficiency and proof reading facilities in major Indian languages
  • Minimum 5 year experience in advertising and mass communication
  • Experience of work undertaken for government/public sector undertakings, especially banks and such other financial bodies
  • Handled at least five national level campaigns
  • Certified annual turnover of business – Rs.10 crores.
  • Latest Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, etc., clearance.

Scope of work:

1. Advertising
The Bank’s advertising campaigns range from tender advertisements to full-fledged multi-media, multi-language campaigns involving creativity. They are expected to be released in major newspapers, magazines and television channels all over the country at short notice. The National Housing Bank also uses brochures, pamphlets and other modes of communications. To cater to such requirements, advertising agencies having good infrastructure, preferably in most centres where the National Housing Bank has its offices and having adequate experience in the field.

Ability to undertake other related services given at 2, 3 and 4 below will be an added advantage but not necessary condition for empanelment and may be separately indicated. In case the National Housing Bank requires any of these services, it would, through a competitive bidding process among the empanelled agencies, assign the job.

2. Public Relations Activity at Headquarters and Regional Offices of the Bank
With the Bank’s focus on common man, it may be increasingly required to have contact with local press at regional office level. Service such as identifying the major media agencies and assisting regional offices in coordinating press activities at regional level may be called for. Press clippings of news relevant to the National Housing Bank appearing in local newspapers with their translations may also be required.

3. Event Management at Headquarters and Regional Offices of the Bank
The Bank organizes events from time to time. The agency may be asked to look after managing both International and National events as well.

4. Photography and Videography of the Bank’s media and events.
Providing assistance for photography or videography of the major events at short notice and reasonable cost might be required.

List of documents to be enclosed with application

(i) Name of the Advertising Agency/Brief Profile of Executives and their experience in the advertising field.

(ii) Date of establishment.

(iii) Agency Structure (whether a partnership firm/sole proprietor/a limited company etc.)

(iv) Principal places of business, that, the head office and their branch offices with detailed addresses and contact numbers.

(v) Profile of its managerial team handling publicity work, their qualifications and experience.

(vi) Details of their accreditation with Indian Newspaper Society (INS)/All India Radio/Doordarshan, Prasar Bharti along with the date of each accreditation and whether it is current.

(vii) Details of membership with other professional organizations/associations and international alignments, if any.

(viii) Details of experience in dealing with banks/financial institutions, Government of India undertakings, service organizations.

(ix) List of clients.

(x) Sample of creative work. Experience in advertising and public relations (PR) work related to banking and finance, details of PR campaigns handled in the last two/three years.

(xi) Details of experience in production of video spots/commercials/films undertaken, if any, for similar period.

(xii) Details of their annual business for the past two/three years with the major media houses, such as, The Times Group, The Hindustan Times Limited, The Indian Express Group, Doordarshan, Aaj Tak, Star India, Zee TV, etc.

(xiii) Annual turnover of the agency along with the gross billing in preceding three financial years duly certified by a chartered accountant.

(xiv) Its permanent account number and published balance sheet for the past three years.

(xv) Client reports.

(xvi) Details of experience in any other mode of advertising, such as, sponsorship and participation in major events, outdoor publicity through hoardings, street plays, and any other informal mode of publicity.

(xvii) Any other information that the agencies may like to provide.

(xviii) Please note that inability of submitting any of the documents listed above may disqualify the agency from short listing.


The agencies have to submit the earnest money of Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees one lac only) (refundable) in the form of demand draft favouring National Housing Bank, payable at Delhi.

Application for Empanelment of Advertising Agency

  1. Name of the Firm :
  2. Nature of Firm
    (Ltd., Co., Partnership etc.) :
    (Attach copy of Partnership Deed/Certification of Incorporation.)
  3. Year of Establishment:
  4. Registration No. if any / Trade License No. : (Attach photocopy)
  5. Registered Office:
  6. Address for communication:
  7. Telephone No of the contact person (Mobile No., if any):
  8. Name of Director/ Proprietor/ Partners: (With Address and Telephone Nos.)
  9. Annual business turnover for last three years : (2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 certified from the auditor) (Attach copy)
  10. Permanent Income Tax Account No. :
  11. ST/CST No.
  12. Last Income Tax Clearance Certificate : (Attested photo copy)
  13. Name of Bankers with Full address:
  14. Are you associated with NHB in any other contract in the past? If yes, give details :
  15. Are you having any contact with NHB? If yes, give details:
  16. Name of the organization/ institution presently empanelled with, giving details of the following:
    a. Name of job:
    b. Name of the Company:
    c. Value of Contract: (Supporting documents to be attached as per the format enclosed duly signed by the Authorized signatories of these organizations.)
  1. CERTIFICATE:This is to certify that M/s __________________________________ is on our panel as an advertising Agency since______________. The value of their annual contract is Rs.________. The dealing of the said firm with us are satisfactory.Name & Designation of the Signatory

    (Duly supported by the rubber stamp of the institution)

    (This certificate may be obtained from atleast 3 reputed organizations and submitted alongwith the application)

  2. Details of experience :
  3. Whether any Civil Suit/ Litigation arisen in the contracts executed during the last 5 years/being executed. If yes, please furnish the name of the contract, employer, nature of work, contract value, work order and date and brief details of litigation.
  4. Any other information which you like to add

I/ We do hereby certify that the information as provided above is correct and are true in all respect. In case of furnishing of any false information or suppression of any material information, the application shall be liable for rejection besides initiation of penal proceedings by the Board, if it deems fit.