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General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Printers & Designers

1. The National Housing Bank intends to make a panel of printers and designers for getting designing and printing jobs. The panel would be valid for a period of two years in the first instance, which may be extended with mutual consent.

2. Reputed printers & designers experienced in conceptualizing, designing, printing of documents etc. who have sound back–up for excellent designing, scanning, planning etc. of publication of various descriptions /literature for black & white and multi color jobs needs to apply. The printing and designing jobs broadly includes designing and printing of brochures, reports, posters, pamphlets, letter heads, envelopes, visiting cards, greeting cards, files, folders, bags, publicity material etc. on the basis of modern facilities standards available the industry.

3. The printer should be in profession of printing for the last 3 financial years.

4. Annual Turnover should be up to Rs. 3.00 crores in the last three financial years.

5. The printer and designer should be on the approved panel of at least 3 Public Sector Banks or Public Sector Undertakings or Govt. organization.

6. The printer should have at least one single color & one 4- Color offset machine, in-house stitching & Binding unit & Screen-printing unit.

7. The printer should have registration with state & local authorities for Undertaking the profession (Copies of all such registrations may be enclosed).

8. The rights to postpone / cancel / suspend / terminate the tenders or its process at any stage are reserved by the NHB.

9. Proposals of the interested firms can also be rejected at the sole discretion of the NHB, if any application found incomplete or information provided by the printer & designer is not in the prescribed format and is inconsistent and inaccurate.

10. The NHB reserves the right to keep or remove any firm on the approved panel for designing and printing jobs etc. for any administrative reason.

11. The firm should have full fledged unit of their own for visual design facility, preparation of art work, translation in English, Hindi, Urdu etc., proof reading, designing, composing, printing etc.

12. The firms for contracts will not be entertained if having any dispute with NHB till settlement of the dispute.

13. A schedule for the work and for the delivery of printed copies will be drawn by the NHB and will be intimated to the printer & designer while placing the order for the job. The printer & designer should only accept the job if it is in a position to complete the job according to the schedule.

14. In the event of the delivery of any defective works / materials, owing to urgency or for any other reasons, NHB shall have the power to deduct such suitable sum from any payment due to the printer & designer or security deposit amount, as may be deemed fit by the NHB.

15. Notice of the printing job can also be sent to the empanelled printers & designers through fax/mail/e-mail/voice telephone/by-hand in addition to speed post / registered post / courier etc.

16. The printers & designers applying for empanelment should furnish all the particulars as per Appendix – A.

17. The date of declaration of qualified/empanelled printers & designers will be declared at the discretion of NHB which could be intimated through any means of communication as mentioned above.

18. In case, the successful party refuses to undertake offered printing jobs / shows its inability to discharge the obligation in the contract, NHB reserves the right to forfeit Security Deposit in full & de-listed from panel of NHB.

19. All the items to be received from the Printer and Designer would be checked by the officer-in-charge to ensure that the ordered jobs confirmed to the approved specifications/ quality as per samples approved by the NHB.

20. Payment will be released on presentation of correct bill supported with the copy of the work order of the authorized officers of the NHB and upon such certification to the effect that the jobs got printed from the Printers are as per approved specifications.

21. Additional / modified / revised terms & conditions can also be made applicable to the empanelled printers and designers including those who are being awarded any job / work by the NHB at any stage as per requirements of the NHB, if felt necessary.

22. The applications have to be submitted to Deputy General Manager, DRMD, National Housing Bank, Core 5A, 5th floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003.

23. The last date of submission of the documents is 21/07/2008. The agencies have to submit the earnest money of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) (Refundable) in the form of demand draft payable at New Delhi while submitting their proposal. In case the designated day is Saturday/Sunday or is declared as a public holiday, the same may be extended to next working day. The offers must be submitted in covers duly sealed (Red Lakh Seal), failing which the documents would not be accepted. National Housing Bank reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.

24. No proposal will be entertained / received after the prescribed due date.

25. In case of the dispute, the decision of the CMD, NHB would be final and binding.

Appendix – A

Particulars to be furnished by the Printers & designers applying for Empanelment in NHB

1. Whether firm is a printer or designer or both :

2. Name & Postal address of printer & designer and his firm :

(i) Telephones Nos. :
(ii) E-mail / Website :
(iii) Fax Nos. :
(iv) Mobile Nos. :

3. Nature of ownership of firm (Sole/Partnership/otherwise)

4. If Registered, Regn. No. with name of authority :

5. Validity of registration :

6. Sales Tax Regn. No. :

7. Service Tax No. :

8. PAN No. :

9. Description of in-house facilities of the firms :

i) Computers
ii) Processing equipments – Scanner/ Image set-up
iii) Plate making : 2 :
iv) Offset Machine – Four colours
v) Cutting & binding
vi) Any other details

10. Details of printing and designing works executed for the last 3 financial years (indicate year-wise)

11. Details of turn over for the last 3 financial years (indicate year wise)

12. List of clients with telephone Nos. in respect of which works have been executed successfully

13. Details with reasons about disputed cases, if any.

(Signature of the Proprietor/Authorized Signatory)

Rubber Seal of the firm