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Welcome to the Vigilance Section of National Housing Bank. NHB takes pride in affirming Zero Tolerance for corruption in its activities. The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), directly reports to MD of the Bank, who takes personal interest in promoting the culture of honesty, transparency & fairness in the organization.

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Complaints against NHB which do not involve corruption or vigilance related matters and are related to normal operations of the bank & general complaints relating to other organizations (HFC etc.) having no vigilance aspects are to be registered in Grievance Redressal System under e-Services on the webpage. Their status can also be viewed online.

These complaints are not to be sent to the vigilance vertical of NHB.
Please feel free to flag complaints regarding cases of corruption & malfeasance which you might come across in your dealings with NHB with the vigilance department of NHB. You may approach this office in person or through the undernoted email. We assure you to keep your identity confidential, if desired by you specifically.
Sh. Sushil Kumar
Chief Vigilance Officer
Email: Vigilance[dot]nhb[at]nhb[dot]org[dot]in

Landline: Tel-011 3918 7000/7580

Address: National Housing Bank, Core 5-A India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003


We also welcome your suggestions on issues of honesty, transparency & fairness to improve our business practices.

Extension of Scope of Advisory Board for Banking and Financial Frauds (ABBFF) for fraud cases form Rs. 3 crore to Rs. 50 crores