प्राइम ऋण रेट सरकारी योजना यूआईडीएफ एनएचबी रेजीडेक्‍स बॉण्‍ड एवं जमा प्रशिक्षण अवसर@एनएचबी सेवाएं अधिकारी कॉर्नर अभिलेखागार

भारत में एचएफसी की सूची

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Companies (HFCs) with asset size of ₹100 crore & above as on 31-03-2022

Company against which prohibitory/cancellation order has been issued list updated till August 13, 2019.

Companies granted Certificate of Registration (COR) with permission to accept Public Deposits

Companies granted Certificate of Registration not valid for acceptance of Public Deposits

Companies whose application for COR have been declined/rejected/rejected as withdrawn

Companies whose CoR has been cancelled