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NHB Advisory

NHB Advisory

It has come to the notice of the National Housing Bank (NHB) that a fake website has been created at by some unknown persons which resembles to our original website. It has also come to the notice that an email has been sent in NHB’s name from mail id and signed by Transfer Administrator, NHB offering transfer of money and asking for personal & account details etc.

  • NHB clarifies that NHB neither seek any information nor offer services through the fake website/identities. NHB cautions members of public not to fall prey to spurious offers made by the fake website/communications/emails. NHB further cautions members of public that accessing fake website/communications could result in compromising one’s own crucial personal information that may be misused to cause financial and other loss to them.
  • NHB cautions members of public that it is not engaged any such activity nor has it sent any such email/communication asking for account details etc. In fact, NHB does not have any mail id with as domain.
  • Members of public receiving such mails should not open the attachment and/or try to download the attachment on their computers. This is a phishing mail and accessing the mail in any manner could result in identity theft.
  • Further, members of public hereby informed that NHB does not issue such emails/communications asking for account details/personal details through any mode of communications. As such, members of public are advised to ignore/delete such communications in prudence.

Please treat this as a caution advisory and members of public are advised to exercise due caution and diligence while dealing with fake website/communications etc in name of “National Housing Bank”.