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Message From CVO

Message From CVO

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In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, when your actions back your words, when you know inside that you are living true to yourself, that is when you can’t be anything but happy because – Happiness lies in integrity.

Integrity is a virtue that must be inculcated, imbibed and regularly reinforced in every individual from a very young age, to be able to grow and evolve into a responsible citizen. It is one of the most essential values an employer seeks in employees. Integrity at workplace fosters a clear, open and transparent environment that encourages elements of objectivity, positivity and sincerity, leading to an empowered, enabled, and ethical decision making.

National Housing Bank has been focusing on improving the internal managerial processes through systemic improvements. We are committed towards introducing technology-based initiatives in all aspects of our working, eliminating potential for misuse through manual interventions and thereby bringing more transparency and objectivity.

If management is about running a business, vigilance is about seeing that it is run ethically. Vigilance work is a necessary management function and there should be greater interaction between vigilance officials and staff of the NHB to make vigilance, an integral part of management decisions. Core purpose of vigilance set up is to promote a vigilant culture including continuous improvements in our internal systems, processes and practices, as enabler to businesses.

I, on behalf of Team Vigilance NHB, appeal to all internal stakeholders to actively work towards promoting integrity in all aspects of our life and invite you to join our efforts in creating, nurturing and maintaining a healthy vigilance culture in NHB.

Shri Sushil Kumar
Chief Vigilance Officer