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Pest/Rodent Control and anti-mosquito treatment at NHB Officers’ flats at Jangpura Extn., New Delhi.


  1. Invitation: Sealed quotations are hereby invited in enclosed format on behalf of National Housing Bank for pest/rodent control and anti-mosquito treatment at NHB officers’ flats at Jangpura Extn. & Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The contractor should have minimum 3 years experience for Pest/Rodent Control and anti-mosquito treatment in govt. offices residential colony and PSUs residential colony.
  2. Tenure: The maintenance contract shall be for a period of one year but the initial award of the work shall be for a period of six months. The contract period may be extended for a further period of six months only after the work of the agency is found satisfactory in these six months. NHB reserves the right to review the working of the contractor after every three months. The contract can be terminated by giving one month (calendar month) notice in writing by either side.
  3. The tenderer may be required to produce the documents regarding partners ship and/or Articles of Association of the company along with the tender document. The tenderer may also indicate the name(s) of the Authorized Signatory (ies) of the company.
  4. Validity of Tender: Quotations shall be valid for acceptance by the Bank for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of the quotations.
  5. Amount tendered: The contractors should quote in figures as well as in words, the rate and amount tendered by them.
  6. Mode of submission: The tender document is to be returned duly completed and signed by an authorized signatory. If the contractor does not intend to tender, the blank documents shall be returned to NHB. No alteration of any kind shall be made in the document; if the tenderer deems it essential to explain any aspect, he may do so through a separate covering letter.
  7. Time of submission: Sealed tenders to be submitted latest by 15.30 hrs on24.1.2008 along with duly signed Tender Submission Letter which is in Annexure II.
  8. Opening of Tender: The quotations shall be opened at 16.00 hrs. on the same day in the office of Asstt. General Manager (Estates) at NHB Office premises in the presence of intending contractors or their representatives.
  9. The tenderers are advised to inspect and examine the site and its surroundings regarding the extent of work, scope and conditions under which the work is to be executed. The contractor shall also satisfy himself about the accessibility to the premises for the treatment work. No claim for any extra payment of any kind on account of lack of information about the site conditions shall be entertained after acceptance of the tender.
  10. NHB reserves the right of accepting the whole or any part of the tender and tenderer shall be bound to perform the same at the quoted rates.
  11. NHB does not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender or to give reasons for their decision.
  12. NHB reserves the right to form a panel of two contractors for the job which shall remain valid for one year.
  13. The contractor shall have to make good the damages, if any, caused during the performance of work to Bank’s properties at his own cost.
  14. The work shall be carried out in close coordination and with least disturbance to the residents. During the execution of any job as described in contract and after the completion of work the materials for the work and rubbish should be handled by the contractor in such manner which shall not create any public disturbance. No extra payment/ manpower is payable for such work.
  15. The tenderer shall submit the tender which satisfies each and every condition laid down in this notice, failing which the tender will be liable to be rejected.
  16. All payments shall be made through Cheque and any taxes leviabale and deductible at source as per the prevalent rules shall be deducted from such payments. Stamped receipt will be given by the contractor whenever necessary.
  17. All efforts shall be made by the contractor to ensure that the treatment to flats are completed periodically as stipulated by suitably informing concerned residents well in advance and making adjustments according to their convenience.
  18. A chemical formulation/ emulsion with any of the chemicals as listed below will be sprayed uniformly through hand operated compressed air spraying machine. The emulsion shall be of oil base for areas inside flats and water base for outside areas such as nallah and courtyards etc. conforming to the relevant code of practice and other instructions stipulated by the manufacturers of the chemicals: a) Malthion b) Pyrethium c) Lindane d) Zinc Phosphide e) Hephachlor f) Clopherphos.
  19. For rodent control Zinc powder mixed with Atta and bread will be placed in and around the dens of rats and in the way of their frequent movements.
  20. The details of the areas to be treated are as under:
    NHB officers’ flats at Jangpura
    a) 18 nos. tow BHK flats approx. area 1250 sq. ft. each flat
    b) 4 nos. three BHK duplex flats approx. area 1650 sq. ft. each flat
    c) 4 nos. five BHK flats approx. area 1750 sq. ft. each flat
    d) 3 nos. five BHK flats approx. area 2250 sq. ft. each flat
    e) 8 basements approx. area 600 sq. ft. each basement
    f) Common portions attached with the flats such as staircases, front and rear courtyards, terraces and nallah.
    NHB officers’ flats at VASANT KUNJ
    g) 31nos. two bedroom flats approx. area 1000 sq.ft. each flat and 29 scooter garages.
    Frequency of treatment for common open areas and nallah shall be monthly and all other areas such as inside portions of flats shall be on quarterly basis.
  21. The conductor shall ensure timely and adequate deployment of personnel required for carrying out the work.
  22. The contractor shall be responsible for the prompt and effective functioning of the personnel deployed by him. He shall be responsible for the quality of the work done by the personnel.
  23. The bank shall have the right to debar/get replaced any person deployed by the contractor to work at the premises, if work or conduct is found unsatisfactory.
  24. The contractor shall be responsible to abide by the provisions of the Labour Laws and Minimum Wages Act applicable to the State as far as the personnel employed by him for these works are concerned.
  25. The personnel engaged for the maintenance works by the contractor, shall be the employees of the contractor and there will be no liability to this effect on the part of NHB in any case.
  26. The contractor shall comply with all rules and regulations regarding safety and security of their men and shall have to arrange for insurance etc. for their employees at his cost and NHB will not be responsible in any manner in case of any mishappening to his employees.
  27. The personnel engaged by the contractor will be under the direct supervision and control of the contractor.
  28. That any liability arising out of Municipal, State or Central Government Labour Laws and Regulations such as Payment of Wages Act, PF Act, Workmen Compensation acts, Contract Labour Act, Factories Act and Payment of Bonus, Minimum Wages Act etc. will be entirely on the part of the contractor and NHB will not be responsible for any such liability in any case.
  29. The successful tenderer upon receipt of award of contract should confirm acceptance in writing.
  30. This ‘Notice inviting Tender’ shall form part of the contract documents.

We accept all the terms and conditions of notice & Annexure-A

Name and designation:

Name of the agency and address:                                    Office Seal


Offer for General Pest/ Rodent control and anti-mosquito treatment at NHB Officers’ flats in Jangpura Extension & Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

The notice inviting tender contained in Annexure I along with forwarding letter have been read, understood and accepted by us. The work sites have been seen and inspected by us.

We will deposit a bank draft/pay order of Rs.4000.00 (Rs. Two thousand Only) in favour of National Housing Bank, New Delhi as security deposit if the work will be allotted to us.

We agree to undertake the work at the following rates:




(C )

(Rupees (in words)————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————)

Name and designation:

Name of the agency and address:                                   Office Seal

Name of contact person:
Pager No./Mobile Phone No., if any

The NIT duly signed is annexed herewith as a token of acceptance of terms contained therein.