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Tender Notice for supply of Air Ticket


NHB (ND) ADMN /2008
Dated: 10th March, 2008


The Service Provider

Sub: – Tender Notice for supply of Air Ticket / Railway ticket – reg.
National Housing Bank. intends to avail of the services of a reputed Agency/firm having IATA membership and serving atleast 3 Govt. offices PSUs etc. (proof be attached) from the last 3 years. The agency should have an annual turnover of a minimum of Rs. 2 crores for supply of air ticket / railway ticket during the last 2 financial year i.e. 2005-06 and 2006-07. The Contract period will be for a period of one year, from the date of award of the contract. The following documents, form a part of the ‘Tender Notice’;-
1. General terms and conditions Annexure -I
2. Pre-qualification requirements for award of Contract for supply of air ticket / railway ticket (Technical Bid) Annexure- II
3. Proforma for quoting rates (Financial Bid) Annexure – III

In case you are interested you may inspect the premises and submit the above mentioned Annexure I and II (Technical Bid) duly filled in and signed for having accepted the General, Special terms and conditions and (Technical Bid) Pre-qualification in one envelope and Annexure-III (Financial Bid) in another envelope. (Please mention on first envelop – TECHNICAL BID and on second envelop –FINANCIAL BID). Both the sealed envelopes be placed in another sealed cover super scribing “QUOTATION/RATES FOR SUPPLY OF AIR TICKET / RAILWAY TICKET” and the same may be sent to National Housing BankCore 5A,4th Floor India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003.

so as to reach by 31.3.2008 ( upto 5.30 PM).

The tender document can be obtained during office hours at “National Housing Bank Core 5A, 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road New Delhi 110003″.

Earnest Money Deposit is to be enclosed allongwith the filled up tenders document (with TECHNICAL BID) by way of DD of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) in favour of “NHB.” payable at Delhi. The tender document can also be download the form from the Bank’s website (

It may please be noted that Agencies/firms who do not fulfill the Pre-qualification requirement will not be considered. Tenders of only those agencies, will be opened who fulfill the terms and conditions (Annexure –I & II) of pre-qualification.

NHB reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Yours faithfully,

Encl.: As above.


Annexure I


1. The financial bids of technically qualified tender will be opened on the day intimated over phone or through web site or through letter. The qualified tenders can attend the opening of financial bids either on their own or through an authorized representative on the notified date and time.

2. EMD of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned without interest. EMD of successful tenderers will be retained and will be converted into security deposit and shall remain with NHB during the tenure of contract.

3. The EMD of successful tenderer will be forfeited in case he fails to accept the order.

4. The Agency/Firm should have the IATA membership and should be serving atleast 3 Govt./ PSUs offices (proof should be attached) from the last 3 years. Agency should have annual turnover of minimum Rs. 2 crores for supply of air ticket / railway ticket during the last 2 financial year i.e. 2005-06 and 2006-07.

4. The selected tenderes (herein after referred as Agency) will have to ensure fast and timely by hand delivery of tickets by hand in NHB Delhi office. At times the ticket and other related service will be required on very short notice (1-3) hour.

5. The Agency invaribly explore the possibility of Economy / Promotional apex fare(s) at the first instance for making the Air-booking.

6. No advance payment will be made for any kind of booking. However, NHB will arrange for expeditious payment on submission of monthly bills along with proof of receipt of ticket.

7. The Agency will inform the Traveller about cancellation/ rescheduling of flights by the Airlines

8. The Agency will ensure that Visa, Transit Visa or any other formalities required for international visits are fulfilled

9. In case the tickets are not with in time delivered the Agency will be solely responsible for the same and no payment may be made. In that case the Agency may be liable to Penalty Clause mentioned hereinafter.

10. PENALTY CLAUSE : In case the agency is not able to supply tickets on time, the penalty will be as under:

a) 5% in case of individual air ticket booking.
b) In case of railway tickets, reservation charges will not be payable.

# These conditions will come into force only where the Agency is at fault and not under unforeseen circumstances.

11. No revision of rates will be permitted during the period of the contract. The contract will be valid for one year from the date of award of contract The contract can be extended further on year to year basis for a maximum period of 03 years on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

12. In case of unsatisfactory services i.e. non-booking of the Air / Railway tickets timely as per requirement of NHB etc. the contract shall be terminated by giving notice of 10 days.

13. In addition to discounts mentioned in rates quoted, the Agency shall intimate and transfer all additional discounts that are given by authorities / airline to NHB.

14. In case of cancellation, the proof of actual cancellation charge, charged by Airline shall have to be provided and NHB will pay the actual cancellation charges only.

15. The legal jurisdiction will be the Courts of Delhi only.

16. In case of any dispute the decision of NHB will be final.

17. NHB has the right to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof.

18. Until an agreement is signed and executed, this Bid together with the written acceptance thereof for notification of award shall constitute a binding contract between the successful Agency and the Bank.

19. It may be noted that Agencies who do not fulfill the Pre-qualification requirement will not be considered. Tenders of only those Agencies who fulfill the terms and conditions (Annexure-I) of pre-qualification requirement will be opened.


Annexure – II
Technical Bid


(a) Name & Address of the Agency:

(b) Year of establishment:

(c) (i) Name of the proprietor:
(ii) Contact Person :-

(d) Telephone No./Mobile No:- (office and residence)

(e) Fax: E-mail:

(f) Whether Govt. Undertaking / Private Limited / MNC / Cooperative agency

2. Previous experience in travel related services, if any (attach documentary proof):-

3. Current List of clients

Period Nature & Volume of booking
From To Air Railway
a) Govt. Deptt. / Ministries
b) M.N.C.
c) Public Sector Undertaking
d) Private Sector
e) Any other

Annexure – II

4. Details of turn over of the Agency for the last three years (enclose proof like Audited Accounts etc.) (Submit copies of Service Tax, Registration etc.)

Year Total amount (in Rs.)

Registration Number of the Firm with IATA (enclose a copy of registration)

6. Infrastructure details:

a) No. of Computers:
b) Whether online:
c) No. of employees:

7. Whether the Agency can provide round the clock service for booking Air / Rail tickets:
Yes / No
8. Other Service :

(a) Hotel Booking facility at the place of tour                                                                                                                                             Yes / No
(b) Hiring of vehicle at the place of tour                                                                                                                                                        Yes / No
(c) Whether cargo handling service can be provided.                                                                                                                              Yes / No

9. Whether the Agency will be providing a 24 hours help line service number so that NHB can contact in case of emergency.

Annexure – II (Contd.)

10. Any other information:

11. Earnest money of Rs.20,000/- in favour of National Housing Bank payable at Delhi. Pay Order/ Draft no. ____________ dated _______ & Bank _____________________________________________.

Authorized Signatory

(With full name and designation) Seal

Annexure – III

Financial Bid

Air Ticket

A] Domestic Tickets

i. Discount offered on Basic Air Fare Fare in Domestic tickets on different airlines (In percentage)

Economy Class Business Class/Executive Class
SL. Name of the Airline Normal Fare Promotional/ APEX Fare Normal Fare Promotional/ APEX Fare
1 Indian Airlines/Indian
2 Jet Airways
3 Kingfisher
4 Air Deccan
5 Spice Jet
6 Indigo
7 Other Airlines

Air Ticket

B] International Tickets

i. Discount offered on Basic Air Fare Fare in International Air tickets.

SL. Name of the Airline Economy Class Business Class/Executive Class
1 All Airlines

Annexure – III (contd.)

(iv) Other services

Visa Service Charges: ___________________________________________________
Passport Service Charges ___________________________________________________
Any Other related services (Pl Specify) ___________________________________________________

Railway Ticket

For Railway Booking and cancellation

Charge per person per sector
For Booking
For Cancellation

Authorized Signatory

(With full name and designation) SEAL