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Requirement of Agency/ Contractor for supplying Tea/Coffee

Offers are invited from Caterers/Canteen Contractors of repute and experience to provide tea/coffee to Bank Officers/staff etc. in the National Housing Bank, CORE 5A, India Habitat Centre, 4th Floor Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003. The contract shall initially be for a period of One Year which would be renewable at the discretion of the Bank. However, continuance of contract will be subject to Performance Review done by appropriate authority/ committee, during the contract period Half Yearly.

2. Interested caterers/contractors may call on Shri Sunil Bery AGM (Admn.) to know further details and terms and conditions besides inspecting the Pantry and other infrastructure facilities. Thereafter, if they are interested, they can collect the application having all details from the Admn. Dep’t. in the National Housing Bank at address stated above from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. upto 29th March, 2008 The application will be available till the close of business. The 2 cover containing the filled in application subscribed “TECHNICAL BID FOR CATERING ARRANGEMENT” on Ist Cover and “FINANCIAL BID FOR CATERING ARRANGEMENT” on 2nd Cover – bid be dropped in the Tender Box kept in the Diary Cell at 4th Floor in the Bank before 31st March, 2008 (upto 5.30 PM)

The form can also be downloaded from our website

3. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers without assigning any reason/thereto and its decision shall not be open to challenge any where.

Annexure I

Pre-qualification Criteria

1. The caterers should be located within India. However, preference may be given to local caters.

2. The Caterer could be a sole proprietary concern, partnership firm or a company of repute, wherever applicable and should be in exercise for last 3 years. The Agency should have minimum 2 years experience in providing catering services to Govt. Organizations/PSUs.

3. The agency should have achieved annual sales turn over of Rs.7.5 lakhs in one of the last two years i.e. 2005-06, 2006-07.

4. The caterer will have to produce, on demand, license/permit/approval etc .from the concerned statutory authority to the local office NHB or any other authority concerned for carrying out this type of work. The caterer/Agency will have to abide by all applicable laws/rules including minimum wages/PF etc. The caterer will be solely responsible for violation of any laws.

5. The Caterer will have to prepare the tea/coffee in the kitchen in the Bank, necessarily, except in the circumstances approved by Bank.

6. The Caterer should have personnel with relevant experience

7. The Caterer will have to provide tea/coffee with or without ginger to officers. Besides the caterer will be required to serve snacks, etc. in the meetings of the Bank and in case of organize of Special Lunch/Dinner as per requirement of the Bank at the rates mutually agreed upon.

8. The caterer will be required to accept the payment terms decided by the Bank. However, normally endeavor will be made to make payment of monthly bills.

9. The fuel (gas cylinder)/Hot Plate, crockery , cutlery, serving dishes and pantry facility etc. or facility as approved by Bank shall be provided by the Bank for routine day-to-day catering. It shall be the duty of the Caterer to properly handle the cups, utensils, etc. provided by the Bank .The decision of the Bank will be final in this regard. For meetings, special lunches if the caterer is asked to provide separate crockery etc. as required by the Bank, the mutually agreed rate will become payable.

10. The terms and conditions of the catering contract is given in the Appendix.

The agency qualifying the above pre-qualification criteria and agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions given in the Appendix may submit the “Technical Bid” in a separate sealed cover superscribing – ‘TECHNICAL BID FOR CATERING ARRANGMENT’ The technical bid will be opened first and only those caterer/contactor who qualify/found suitable in the technical bid their Financial bid will be opened. The bank’s decision in this regard will be final and will not be disputed.

An earnest money deposit (refundable) of Rs. 20,000/- by way of Demand Draft / Pay order drawn in favour of NHB New Delhi .payable at New Delhi be submitted along with Technical Bid. The EMD amount of the firm whose technical and financial bid will be accepted by the Bank, will be adjusted against the security deposit recoverable/adjustable on expiry of contract of Rs. 30,000 payble by the said firm/agency. The unsuccessful bidders will be refund the E.M.D. money within 45 days from the date of final decision of Bank regarding the contract except for exigencies beyond Bank control.

Appendix to Annexure I

Detailed Terms and condition for providing
Daily Catering Services in the Bank Premises

1. Period contract

Initially for one year subject to satisfactory performance which will be reviewed half yearly. The contract will be renewable

2. Rates

a) The rates quoted would be valid for a period of one year which may be reviewed after one year. The taxes as applicable, would be paid at actuals.All the payments shall be subject to TDS as applicable at the time of payment

b) No request for upward revision in the rates/subsidy will be considered during the validity period of the contract.

3. Venue

The Pantry service shall be provide normally at the 3rd to 5th floor of NHB, New Delhi or at any other place as approved by the Bank within Bank’s premises. The building has been provided with pantry and dining halls.

4. Tea/Coffee Timings & deployment of personnels

Officers would generally be served Tea/Coffee on their seat in office timings or as prescribed by Bank from time to time. Agency will deploy minimum 4 service boy (one service boy for each floor + one extra for assisting them) in the Bank for making and supplying the tea/Coffee.

5. Quality of Raw material

Agency/Contractor will use –

High quality Tea Bags such as Brooke bond,Taj mahal brand etc.only .
High Quality Coffee such as Nescafe/Bru etc. only.
High Quality Milk such as Mother dairy/Amul etc.only.
as specified by Bank time to time.

6. Infrastructure to be provided by the Bank

1. Pantry along with cooking utensils and fuel
2.Electricity connections/points for Electrical Equipment/ Infrastructure being provide by the Bank

7.Kitchen- Cleanliness & Hygiene

The Catering agency shall ensure that the tea/coffee is prepared in the Pantry itself. Highest standard of hygiene is to be maintained and Good quality raw material is to be used for the preparation of tea/coffee.

8. Catering Staff

The Pantry as well as the service staff shall be employed/engaged by the caterer and NHB shall not in any way be responsible for their terms of employment/engagement or violation of any labour law. The caterer shall inform the service staff so employed/engaged. The staff shall be properly dressed in neat and tidy uniform besides being courteous, well mannered and attentive. They should be conversant with the basics of the trade. Catering Staff should be present in the office during the service hours on working days and as per requirement of the Bank on weekends/public holidays.

9. Notice for Termination of Contract

The arrangement can be terminated by either party by giving one month notice.

10. Upkeeps and Maintenance of pantry/dining areas

The caterer shall not sub-let the contract. If it is violated the Bank reserves the right to terminate the contract without any notice.

11. The caterer shall not engage minors for catering service.

12. The agreement should not be construed to interpret as having got employment for the Bank or claim on Banks property. On completion of the contract or whenever the Bank decides the carter and his staff will immediately vacate the premises and handover the crockery items/ all items earlier given to them by the Bank.

13. Any other incidental service required by the Bank and not covered in the terms and conditions will be negotiated separately each time.



AGM (Admn.)
National Housing Bank,
Core 5A,
India Habitat Centre,
Lodi Road
New Delhi 110003.

SI. No. Particulars Details to be filled in by the Agency
1. Name of the Agency/Contac tractor/Contact person
2. Regd. Office/Business address of the Agency
3. Date of Incorporation/Constitution
4. PAN/TAN Nos. of the Agency
5. Service Tax Registration No.
6. *Years of experience of serving with Govt. /PSU organizations with minimum 120 persons.
7. Organizations/Corporations/Departments where the experience has been gained.
8. Whether registered with Sales Tax Department Date of Registration
9. Turnover in the last 3 years. (year-wise)
10. Whether the caterer/agency has a Bank Account and type of Account.

* Bank Reserves right to decide the cut off duration of Experience.
**Bank reserves right to call for proof/do verifications.


1. The above information is true to the best of my knowledge and if any information is found untrue or false I may be debarred from the tender process/being given the contract

2.I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank and mentioned in the Appendix to Annexure I.


Name and seal of firm
Contact person
Mobile No.


(This format shall be sent in separate sealed cover subscribing ‘TECHNICAL BID FOR CATERING ARRANGMENT’ and dropped in the Box kept in the Diary Cell in NHB New Delhi)

(Catering Arrangement)


AGM (Admn.)
National Housing Bank,
Core 5A,
India Habitat Centre,
Lodi Road
New Delhi 110003.

SI. No. Particulars Rate in Rs. (per tea/coffee)
1. Tea ( with or without ginger/with lemon)/coffee

(Only Tea Bag will be used )


(Pl. Write in Words also)

Please note that Agency/Contractor will use _

High quality Tea Bags such as Brooke bond,Taj mahal brand etc.only .
High Quality Coffee such as Nescafe/Bru etc. only.
High Quality Milk such as Mother dairy/Amul etc.only.

The above rates are exclusive of applicable taxes which would be levied at the applicable rates. We are aware that all the payments shall be subject to TDS, as applicable at the time of payment.

I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank and mentioned in the Appendix to Annexure I at the rate quoted above


Name and Seal of firm


(The format shall be sent in separate sealed cover “FINANCIAL BID FOR CATERING ARRANGEMENT” and dropped Bank’s Diary Cell at 4th Floor in Delhi Office.)