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tender Hiring Private Taxis


The National Housing Bank invite sealed quotations from registered and reputed agencies/firms for hiring taxies/car (AC/Non-AC) Diesel / Petrol driven and CNG Taxies for a period of one year. The average annual expenditure on hiring of taxis may come around 3-5 Lacs which may increase or decrease depending upon the requirement. Separate sealed quotation for Technical and Commercial bid may be submitted in the specified Performa attached with the notice. The last date for receiving the bids is 31st march 2008. 9upto 5.30 PM the quotations should be delivered in the diary and dispatch in the National Housing Bank located at 4th Floor, Core 5 A, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003.These specified formats along with all terms and conditions may be obtained from NHB office or down loaded from Banks web site i..e.

The bids shall be opened in NHB Office in the presence of such tenderers who may wish to be present. The Competent Authority reserves the right to cancel any or all the quotations without assigning any reason

( Sunil Bery )
AGM (Admin.)
National Housing Bank
Core 5 A, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road,
New Dekhi-110 003.

Annexure I


Sub:- Notice Inviting Tender for “Hiring of Private Taxis”

1. Parties:- The parties to the Contract will be contractor who will provide the taxi services and other party will be National Housing Bank who will avail the services

2. Addresses: For all purposes of the contract including arbitration there under, the address of the contractor mentioned in the tender shall be final unless the contractor notifies a change of address by a separate letter sent by registered post with acknowledgement due to the NHB, New Delhi. The contractor shall be solely responsible for the consequences of any omission or error to notify change of address in the aforesaid manner.

3. Earnest Money: Earnest Money of Rs. 20,000/- in the name of NHB, New Delhi in the form of Demand Draft of any nationalized bank must be deposited by tenderers along with their duly filled up tender documents.

3.1. Tenderer shall not be permitted to withdraw his offer or modify the terms and conditions thereof. In case the tenderer fails to observe and comply with the stipulations made herein or backs out after quoting the rates, the EMD will be forfeited.

4. Preparation and submission of Tender:
The tender should be submitted in two parts namely, Technical Bid (in form given in Annexure-III) along with Earnest Money Deposit and Commercial Bid (in form given in Annexure-IV) and each should be kept in a separate adequately sealed cover. Please indicate on the envelop – “Technical Bid for hiring Taxis” or “Commercial Bid foir hiring Taxis”. No Tender will be accepted without EMD Amount.

5. Signing of Tender: The individual signing the tender or other documents connected with contract must specify whether he signs as:-
(a) A “sole proprietor” of the concern or constituted attorney of such sole proprietor.
(b) A partner of the firm, if it be a partnership firm, in which case be must have authority to execute the document.

6. Techinical Bid. The Technical bid should be submitted in form given in Annexure-III along with the Bank Demand Draft of Rs. 20,000/- alongwith registration particulars, copy of PAN Number issued in favor of the firm, full details of the number of Taxis registered in the name of the tendererer or his firm with photocopies of RCs and other information sought in Annexure-II

7. Commercial Bid: The Commercial Bid should be submitted in the form given in Annexure-IV in a separate sealed cover kept inside the main cover. The Commercial Bids of those tenderers who are found technically competent/eligible, will be opened on a specified date and time to be intimated to the respective tenderer.

7.1 Terms of payment as stated in the Tender Documents shall be final.
7.2 At the time of payment of bill, the taxes liable to be deducted, if any, shall be deducted at source as per Government rules and guidelines as may be prevailing at the time of payment

8. Validity of the Bids:
The bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of the tender.

9. Opening of Tender:
The tenderer is at liberty to be present at the time of opening of the tender either on his own or through authorized representative either himself or authorized. The representative attending the opening of the tender on behalf of the tenderer should bring with him a letter of authority from the tenderer and proof of identification.

10. Criterion for Evaluation of Tender: The Bids will be opened by a committee in the presence of such tenderers who may wish to be present.

10.1. The contract will be awarded to the lowest eligible tenderers and will commence from the date of consent indicated the terms and conditions. The contract will be for a period of 12 months which will be extendable up to one year therefore if the performance/service is found satisfactory.

11. Right of Acceptance:
The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any tender including of those tenderers who fail to comply with the instructions without assigning any reason whatsoever, and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any specific tender. The decision of the Bank in this regard shall be final and binding.

11.1 Tenders not inconformity with the prescribed terms and conditions will stand disqualified.

12. Communication of Acceptance :
Successful Tenderer will be informed of the acceptance of their tender. EMD of the successful Tenderer will be retained for the contract period & will be returned after successful expiry of the contract.

13. Penalty:

In case of breach of any conditions of the contract as losses caused including excess cost due to hiring of Taxi from the market in the event of Contractor failing to provide requisitioned taxis or not providing Taxis, the Bank shall make deductions at double the rate of hiring rate on prorate from the pending / up coming bills of the contractor.

14. Breach of Terms and Conditions:
In case of breach of any of terms and conditions mentioned above, the Competent Authority will have the right to cancel the work order without assigning any reason thereof, and nothing will be payable by this Bank in that event and the EMD will be for fitted.

15. Sub-letting of Work:
The firm shall not assign or sublet the work or any part of it to any other person or party.

16. The Tender is not Transferable.

17 Terms of payment:

17.1 No payment shall be made in advance.

17.2 All payment shall be made by the cheque only

17.3 NHB shall be liberty to withhold any of the payment in full or in part subject to recovery of penalties mentioned in preceding Para.

17.4 The terms “payment” mentioned in this para includes all types of payments due to the contractor arising on account of this contract excluding Earnest Money/Security Deposit governed by the separate clauses of the contract.

(Sunil Bery)
AGM ( Admn.)

Annexure – II
Sub: Notice Inviting Tender For “Hiring Private Taxis”

1. The Agency/Firm etc should be at least serving two Govt. organization /PSUs on regular basis at present and should own at least 05-07 Taxis and the list of Taxis along with photocopies of registration book (for conformation that Taxis are in the name of the Firm/agency) should be attached with of the tender.

2. Taxis to be provided by the Contractor should be in perfectly sound running condition and suitable for use by Senior Officers.

3. Only such Agency / Firm may apply whose Taxis have been duly authorized by the concerned RTO for use as public transport and who have telephone connections available at their Premises/Garage/Stands from where such taxis are to be operated and can be requisitioned by NHB.

4. (i ) The firm should ensure that the drivers employed hold valid driving licence, are well behaved, reasonably educated, conversant with traffic rules/regulations and city roads/routes as well as with the security instructions.

( ii ) Each driver employed by the firm must have a cell-phone duly activated.

( iii ) No mileage will be allowed for lunch/tea etc. of the driver.

( iv ) The firm should have an adequate number of telephones for contract round the clock which may be conveyed to this office.

( v ) The time and distance in respect of hired taxis will commence from NHB Office and terminate at the Taxi Stand.

( vi ) While NHB has a periodical requirement for hiring taxis, it shall have the right not to utilize the service at all at any time for any period without giving any notice /assigning any reason. The NHB reserve the right to hire taxis from any other provider of such services even during the period of the contract. Revision of rates will not be entertained during the period of contract.6. ( i ) “Full Day” would imply a run of the Taxi upto 80 kilometer and/or 8 hours duration.
( ii ) “Half Day” would imply a run of the Taxi upto 40 kilometer and/or 4 hours duration.7. Rates once finalized will be valid for a period of one year of the award of contract. Upward change in rates will not be considered due to any hike in petrol/diesel /CNG prices or taxes.
( Sunil Bery )
AGM ( Admn. )


( See Clause 6 of Annexure-I of this Tender Document )

Sub: Notice Inviting Tender For “Hiring Private Taxis”

1. Name of the Tenderer /Concern: _________________________________________________
2. Address ( with Tel. & Mob. No½ ). _________________________________________________
3. Address and Tel. No. of Garage: _________________________________________________
Nature of the concern:
i.e. Sole Proprietor or Partnership firm or a Company etc.).
5. PAN Number of Tenderer /Concern:
( Attested copy should be attached )
EMD/Demand Draft No.__________________________
from bank name _______________________________
Amounting to Rs.__________________________________
8. Registration Nos. of Taxis together with make:

2. _________________

3. ______________________________________________

5. _________________

6. ______________________________________________


( photocopies of registration book should be attached )
9. Whether each page of NIT and its Annexure have been signed and stamped: YES / NO
10. List of Important Organizations with address and telephone number to whom taxi services have been provided during the last three years along with period of contract (Summary may be enclosed on separate sheets for each contract and period and amount of contract; remarks/observations/appreciation of the organization for whom the work was conducted; and any other information considered important by the tenderer).
11. Address of garage at Delhi/New Delhi and its distance from NHB office at New Delhi.
12. Any other information important in the opinion of the tenderer


(Dated Signature of Tenderer with stamps of the firm)



1. I/We undertake that I/we have carefully studied all the terms and conditions and understood the parameters of the proposed work of NHB and shall abide by them.

2. I/We also undertake that I/we have understood “Parameters and Technical Specifications for undertakes the Work” mentioned in Annexure-II of the Tender and will undertake the same accordingly.

3. I/We further undertake that the information given in this tender is true and correct in all respect and we hold the responsibility for the same.


(Dated Signature of Tenderer with stamps of the firm)




Sub:- Notice inviting Tender for “Hiring Private Taxis”

1. Rate ( all inclusive including all taxes and levies expect service tax & parking charges ) for Taxis are as indicated below:-

Sl.No Particulars Rate per hour basis ( Rs ) Rate for Half day (4 hrs. or 40 kms.) Rate for full day ( 8 hrs. or 80 kms ) Rate after full day
Local Local Local Local
1. Taxi ( AC )
2. Taxi (Non-AC)
3. Maruti Esteem or alike (AC)
4. Honda City (AC)
5. Ford Ikon
6. Ford Fiesta
7. Any other ( specify)

2. Any other information.


(Dated Signature of Tenderer with stamps of the firm)