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Training programs conducted by NHB

Training and Capacity Building

Among the multiple responsibilities entrusted to NHB under Section 14 of Chapter IV of the NHB Act, 1987, the development of human resources in the sector is a major agenda of the Bank This is sought to be addressed partially through training programmes, seminars and symposia on matters related to housing for the officials of the Housing Finance Companies (HFCs), Commercial Banks and Public Housing Agencies.

The growth in the housing sector has resulted in a need for human resources development and training in the sector. These needs are highly specialized as mortgage finance is different from extending financial assistance to other activities.

The last quarter of the 20th Century has been witnessing radical changes in technology, consumer markets, organisational structure, social values and the world order at large. Training and learning assume an all-time im portance in the scenario of the swiftly changing environment. Organisation have to become “learning institutions” whose members endeavor to help their organisations to cope with the dynamics of change in technology, organsiational systems and social values of the modern world. NHB endeavours to address this through, inter alia, the following:

Conducting training programmes, seminars and symposia on matters related to housing
Providing design and faculty support to various categories of institutions dealing in housing and related activities.

The training programmes conducted by NHB are on a wide spectrum of topics and for different targets groups. Orientation programmes are targeted at the entry level employees of the sector whereas, specialized programmes are designed and conducted for personnel working in specialized areas such as legal, regulatory and supervisory, risk management, securitization etc. Besides in-house faculty, experts in the respective fields are also invited to share their experiences with the participants. Various training methodologies such as class-room sessions, case studies, informal discussion, management games and interaction amongst the faculty and participants are used. Thrust is on free exchange of views and participation so as to learn from each other.

The NHB also provides programme design (course content, study material etc) and faculty support to various institutions for conducting their in-house training programmes based on their requirements. In the past such support has been provided to a large number of banks, housing finance companies as well as co-operative sector institutions. In the larger context, NHB’s efforts have been directed at capacity building of the sector so as to ensure capability and commitment in the personnel working in the sector.

Training Programme For Housing Finance Companies At New Delhi On June 23 & 24, 2016

Trainings conducted in 2014-15

Trainings Assistance